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Gigaware Usb Serial Cable Driver Free Download

I will be moving from PC to Mac, but will need to run a Windows application that uses a serial port, using boot camp. Would I be right in thinking I would need to install this adapter under Windows using a Windows driver?

Gigaware Usb Serial Cable Driver Free Download


David, thanks for the response, I should start at the beginning, I have an older Cables 2 Go USB2Serial cable and my research indicated that the driver I needed was this one. It works on a windows PC but since I use a MAC most of the time I was trying to get it to work. However, I have since ordered a plugable adapter and I think it should be here today and I am sure that will solve my problem. I will keep you posted.

Hi everyone, I have a gigaware usb to serial rs232 cable that I am trying to use. I know it worked the last time that I used it. It looks like this one but is beige. -usb-to-serial-cable/2603487.html#q=usb%2Bserial&start=9

I've run these up to the max allowed by the drivers (128kb/sec in windows, and 460.8kb/sec in linux) without transmission errors. That sort of thing is possbile due to the long length of USB cable leading to the adapter. Usually I can plug the DB9 directly into a device instead of needing a separate RS232 cable. (Note:Purchase a gender changer and a null-modem adapter with this and you'll be able to plug into anything RS232 with ease!)"

Yeah. I am going to need to switch to a cable with a newer chip. Windows 8 does allow you to install xp drivers through compatibility mode, but I can't find a download for the actual xp driver anyway.

Update: A Windows 10 driver now exists for the USB2-E1000. However, it will not appear in the CD that comes with the adapter until the next lot of adapters is shipped. The updated driver can be downloaded from this link: Windows 10/8/8.1, 7, Vista, and XP drivers for USB2-E1000.


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