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Value Stream Mapping Symbols Download Free

Free Power Point Symbols for Value Stream Mapping. Feel free to use both for commercial and non-commercial, as long as you do not make another digital overview of symbols for distribution outside of your company.

Value Stream Mapping Symbols Download Free

Download Zip:

Value stream maps are created with a variety of unique symbols, all of which are supported and featured in Lucidchart's VSM diagramming tool. This guide covers the most widely used VSM symbols for representing processes, materials, information, and more.

For example, a value stream map can show where extra materials are piling up. Ideally, materials that are delivered to your company go straight into the manufacturing process, and then move smoothly through all of the stages of the process until the product is complete. The finished product is then delivered to your customers without delay.

The following is an Edraw library template which includes the standard value stream map symbols to illustrate the flow of material and information in a lean manufacturing process. View a detailed Value Stream Symbol Legend.

Materials line, located on the bottom of a value stream map, shows the amount of raw materials used by each process in the value stream and the amount of materials that end up in the product and add value from a customer's perspective.

Fifi lane is a kind of kanban square. This means that an empty storage spot is self-authorization to produce a product for that square.Funnel shaped value streams are those with large incoming amounts of material, and fast initial processing.Pyramid shaped value streams are the opposite of funnels. They have slow, steady incoming materials and orders, and intermittent, large outputs.

Edraw helps draw a value stream map more easily. Double click the open the Value Stream Map template. From the Value Stream Map Symbols, drag shapes onto the page to represent your processes, kanban, and materials. Then draw connector that indicate the flow of information or materials on the page. You needn't the drawing skill.

The following list of symbols are used in the creation of value stream maps. All images are free to use and distribute. You can click on the symbol to make it bigger, or right-click and save it to use it in Excel or any other software that will accepts .jpg value stream mapping symbols.

The specific type of kaizen activity and any supporting information is noted within the bubble.Worker / OperatorIndicates where an operator or worker is required. Operators are not normally shown on the value stream map, but where one needs to be identified for clarity, this symbol is used.Milk runIndicates a worker movement to pick up parts, equipment, or supplies.PhoneUsed to indicate expedited informationExpedited movementUsed to indicate expedited movement of materials.Milestone pacingIndicates milestones that correspond to specific dates.Go-see schedulingThe process requires a schedule adjustment or confirmation by an operator.var dd_offset_from_content = 40;var dd_top_offset_from_content = 0;var dd_override_start_anchor_id = "";var dd_override_top_offset = "";Related posts:Steps to Powerful Value Stream MappingWhat is a Value Stream?How to Implement KaizenThe 7 Types of MudaHow to Perform Lean Project ManagementHow Does Just-In-Time Manufacturing Work?Filed Under: Analysis, Lean Manufacturing, Project Management Tagged With: kaizen, kanban, lean, lean manufacturing, muda, value stream, value stream map, value stream mapping, value stream mapping symbols

The process of creating a value stream map takes all the necessary people, processes, information and inventory, and displays them in a flowchart format. By visualizing all elements that go into creating a product or service, organizations can apply lean principles to reduce waste in specific areas of their processes.

Value stream maps can be created with flowchart software, and many products will have the core symbols necessary embedded within their symbol libraries. The example below shows what a typical value stream map might look like:

The process of drawing a value stream map can be done using a template, software, drawing or even on a whiteboard or piece of paper. Before creating your map, it will be helpful to think about and outline all the processes and stakeholders involved. From there, you can start to visualize how these process and stakeholders relate to each other.

There are a range of standardized symbols used for value stream mapping, including those for processes, identifying customers/suppliers and others. Popular flowchart software like Edraw and Lucidchart include them in their symbol libraries.

For example, a rope manufacturing company used value stream mapping to show the layout of its manufacturing floor. They organized its material flow, saving six and a half minutes per rope order, which is 33% of material handling time.

In another case, executives from an IT services company had never met each other in person until they performed a value stream mapping exercise. The value stream mapping exercise brought them together and highlighted areas where formal collaboration processes would improve communication across the entire organization.

Value Stream Mapping is one of the most used tools in Lean manufacturing to map the flow of your process. I have already written articles about it. In my first article about value stream mapping, I describe how to draw your value stream map using the example of a factory. in a second article, I write about how you can use the 8 steps of future state value stream mapping to create a plan for improvement.

Download the templates and start creating your own value stream map today! If you need any more help, click through to the next article, which explains how to create your current state value stream map

FlowBreeze makes it easy to create Value Stream Maps to model the material and information flow through a process. Excel is a perfect environment for creating value stream maps because it allows you to summarize and analyze the process metrics in the same environment that you create the diagram. Plus, Excel is an environment that many people are already familiar with.

Much like the FlowBreeze template designer for flowcharts, the value stream mapping template generator lets you create re-usable Excel templates to speed up the process of making diagrams. It allows you to create a standard title block (including logo, if needed), and a basic outline of the value stream.

It includes preset Customer, Supplier, and Production Control symbols. Additionally, you can specify how many Process symbols you want, and include a Data Table and Timeline below each Process. And, of course, since they are Excel template files, you can modify the template with additional symbols as needed, so you don't end up reinventing the wheel everytime you need to create a value stream map.

A free VSM Symbols font!Someone recently pointed out that he used the Harvey Balls font for Value Stream Mapping but that he had to manually draw the other symbols. After doing a bit of a Google search I found that there weren't any such fonts freely available. So, one rainy weekend, I hacked one together.Installation - Where do I get the VSM Symbols Font?Download the VSM Symbols Font (vsm_symbols.ttf) file to your machine by clicking here.Macintosh: Double Click on the vsm_symbols.ttf icon and then click on Install FontWindows: Copy the file to your C:\WINDOWS\Fonts directory(Some Windows users my have their fonts elsewhere (e.g. C:\WINNT\Fonts))Usage - How do I use the VSM Symbols Font?Using the font is simple. Just select the VSM Symbols font from your application (just like you would select Times or Arial). When you are using the VSM Symbols font, you can draw any of the characters by typing the normal characters on your keyboard. The configuration is optimized for a standard US English QWERTY keyboard, but will work with any other keyboard as well. In the screen shot you can see that the VSM Symbols font is selected. To make an "Operator" character, you simply type a "u" on the keyboard. For a full mapping of all the characters, click here.Which symbols are supported?Value Stream Mapping symbols are not standardized and there are many variations. The font contains some of the most common symbols. You can download this spreadsheet to see all the mappings and symbols. NOTE: In order to view the mapping you must have the VSM Symbols font installed. The symbols include: Air Freight, Control Box, Customer / Supplier, Data Box, Dedicated Process, Electronic Information, Faces, FIFO Inventory, Go See / Visual Info, Harvey Balls, Information, Inventory, Kaizen Burst, Kanban Post, Level Loading, MRP / ERP, Operator, Person / Verbal Info, Production Kanban, Push, Queue / Waiting, Rail Freight, Safety Stock, Sea Freight, Sequenced Pull, Shared Process, Shipment, Signal Kanban, Storage, Supermarket, Truck Freight, Withdrawal Kanban.How do I draw a timeline?The characters mapped to Z, X, C, V, and B (note that these are upper case) will allow you to draw any combination of timeline. On a QWERTY keyboard these keys are all next to each other - simply put your CAPS LOCK to ON and it's simple.Usage - Why should I use this font instead of drawing the symbols manually?There are plenty of free and paid symbol sets and tools to do VSM; however, by incorporating it as a font, you can ensure that the symbols will scale without distortion. Also, you get all the symbols in one easy package and you can easily access them by memorizing the keyboard shortcuts. Other VSM symbol fonts encode the fonts in the "special characters" area; however, this free VSM Symbols font's characters are accessed with the normal letters on the keyboard. This means you can write software in Excel / Powerpoint that displays the symbols easily as normal characters.Usage - How do embed the VSM Font into a web page?It is now possible to embed the VSM Font into a web page, however doing so requires a browser that supports the @font-face CSS tag. I have put together a proof of concept web page to show you how to do it.Potential Issue - Why do other people just see plain characters instead of the VSM Symbols?If you send a document to someone who doesn't have the font installed, their computer will substitute the font with another font and they will just see normal characters. There are two solutions to this problem. First, you could ask the person to install the font themselves (per the instructions above). This method is required in Excel because Excel doesn't let you embed fonts. Another option is to embed the font within your own document. The method for doing this varies depending upon your particual application, but in Microsoft Powerpoint and Word for Windows, you simply click on [File] - [Save As...].When you get the [Save As] window, you click on [Tools] - [Save Options...] as shown below Then you simply click on [Embed TrueType fonts] as shown below (this is Word 2003 - yours might look slightly different). You can optionally click on [Do not embed common system fonts] to save some space in the file. Don't click on [Embed characters in use only].Please note that this font is free for personal, educational or non-profit use. If you are a business / corporation, please purchase a license below. Single licenses are $10 per user or $200 for an unlimited number of users. Use the relevant button below to purchase using a credit card. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to /******************************************************** Generated by emailcrypt.xls - Please keep this notice intact.* For more information, see * ******************************************************/var achegfung= new Array(140,153,156,106,158,159,141,149,92,90,90,90,88,141,153,151)var vcfgl= new Array(161,161,161,88,139,151,140,153,156,88,141,153,151)var achegfunga=''var vcfgla=''var achegfungf=42for (i=0;i


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