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Cpa Grip

For the past few years, health experts have been warning anyone within earshot that all the sitting we've been doing will be the death of us all. In more recent health news pointed directly at soft and supple-handed white-collar professionals, your grip is being called into question:

cpa grip

Young adults in the United States are losing their grips, a recent study suggests. Researchers tested 237 of them and found that men ages 20 to 34 and women in their early 20s had significantly weaker hand grips than young people tested in 1985. Women in their late 20s were weaker in their right, but not left, hands.

As accountants, it's possible that working in some regular binder clip exercises might keep your grip strong, but like your new standing desk, it might not be enough to extend your life expectancy. Be sure to take a hand grip with you on your next Pokémon Go excursion.

As professionals who specialize in finance, preparing financial statements and assisting business owners with their financial performance, one would suspect that the tax and accounting industry would have a firm grip on financial performance. Looking at statements filed over the past year, that certainly appears to be the case. 041b061a72


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