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Jaxon Miller
Jaxon Miller

Projekt Passion 2021

I enjoy doing this and I put a lot of work and passion into it, but that can't sustain me forever. Any pledge of whatever amount is appreciated and motivates me to keep working and finishing the project. And if I get enough support, I can hopefully create more games in the future.

Projekt Passion

Very well done, particularly the dialogue; as others have observed, it's quite humorous and well thought out. The bar for this genre is low (most of your competitors can barely complete a sentence, at least not in English) but this projekt clears it by miles. Pity there isn't more (yet).

Lust Academy is a choice-driven adult Visual Novel about adventures and studying in the school of magic and wizardry. Play as a young guy who got invited to Cordale Academy. The whole world full of sorcery and passion awaits you!

An economist by training, Max Grenz has worked with blue-chip consulting firms on a variety of institutional reorganization projects. His initial experience of healthcare projects sparked his passion, and he is glad to be dedicated to healthcare projects for Siemens Healthineers Value Partners. His clients benefit from his wealth of experience in strategic consulting and his knack for leading challenging digitalization goals. 041b061a72


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