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Create Your Own HOI4 Scenarios with Hoi4 National Focus Maker

Canadian National Focus Tree

P: Introduction The Canadian national focus tree allows Canada to pursue different political paths: remain loyal to Britain as part of the Commonwealth; assert its independence as a democratic nation; or embrace fascism or communism under different leaders. The focus tree also gives Canada options to develop its industry, military, diplomacy, and colonial affairs.

Hoi4 National Focus Maker


H2: Political Branch Political Branch

P: Description The political branch determines the ideology and government structure of Canada. It has four mutually exclusive sub-branches: Commonwealth Ties; Assertive Dominion; Fascist Influence; Communist Sympathies. H3: Commonwealth Ties Commonwealth Ties

  • P: Description This sub-branch allows Canada to remain loyal to Britain and support the Allies in World War II. It gives Canada bonuses to political power, stability, war support, research speed, production efficiency, naval capacity, air experience, and colonial development. UL: List of focuses King's Speech: Gain +50 political power.

  • Commonwealth Research Pact: Gain +10% research speed.

  • Support Britain: Gain +10% war support.

  • Royal Canadian Navy: Gain +2 naval dockyards.

  • Royal Canadian Air Force: Gain +100 air experience.

  • Colonial Development: Gain +5% production efficiency.

H3: Assertive Dominion dcd2dc6462


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